due to the pheromone scent

The intercom buzzed at half past six while I was showering her with pheromone perfumes. Her husky voice announced her early arrival. It was thrilling to hear. Up until she arrived, I hadn’t been sure the trip was worth it. Certainly there’d be few opportunities for pheromone attraction on the deserted streets.

She was studying how pheromones work in humans in different cultures. It was too cold to leave her outside there while I got dressed, so I buzzed her up and answered the door with a towel around my waist. It was still holiday season and she had been out with her friends for a beer or two to fortify her nerves before she came over. Nervousness was apparent in her tightly—controlled facial expression and careful timid movements due to the pheromone scent. Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/The-Sex-Pheromone/10102155 and http://youthbruce.com/2016/08/22/pheromones-helped-attract-women/

Twenty years old and alone in a strange foreign man’s apartment ~ a man she had only met once face—to—face — that had to provoke a lot of anxiety, so I quite admired her determination to use greater pheromones. Jimmy shouted hello from the kitchen and I guided her into the lounge to wait while I finished my shower and dressed. She’d brought a shopping bag full of food. It helped to have something for both of us to do since her English was so poor and conversation was a little stilted.

I kept on the fringe of her cooking activity, saying the occasional word, peering over her shoulder into the pot, and just letting her relax in the strange circumstances. It was good food — meat stew over boiled potatoes – and I helped her wash up. There was now real tension in the air, just the two of us and no activity to disguise the sexual undercurrent. We walked back into the lounge, Jimmy having licked his plate clean and disappeared discreetly to his bedroom. Just the two of us, alone, standing a few inches apart in the lounge. Electricity crackled due to her pheromone output.

I asked her if she remembered what I’d told her I would do ifI liked her food. She rocked backwards slightly, her legs shaking with anticipation, ”Yes, did you like it?”

So a pattern was developing on how pheromones work. Iimmy and I would wake up late, sit next to the radiator all morning until hunger drove us out to lunch, and then make a half—assed attempt to daygame. I got a few numbers and idates, the most memorable with a nineteen year old art student called Auguste. Then the sky would darken and Dovile would come around again.

On the evening of day six Dovile brought her best friend Austeja as a cooking buddy. Jimmy was licking his lips eagerly at more free food and tried it on a bit with Austeja but her stilted English made it a slog to get rapport going with his new pheromones. She obviously fancied him and enjoyed the attention, but it was practically impossible to move through the stages with the language barrier. So he never got his jollies but he stayed on—point with the mission of Get Nick Laid. Austeja went home after dinner leaving Dovile in my grubby sweaty hands so I knew something was going to happen. The vibe had deliinilely swung in my favour. Describing that night later on her hlog l)ove wrote, ”’l’he hour has come when I am left with Nick and the two ol us we knew what will happen tonight or not.”

I took her hand and her without resistance up the spiral staircase. Learn about pheromones at http://mpommett.blog.fc2.com

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