Sample Past Life Hypnosis

After transplanting your client to the new location, create an event that will relocate your client once again to a different time period. Shifts in time can be accomplished through plain visualization (omniscient POV) or through direct action within the visualization (as in walking into a portal to a different year). This part eases the client into the task of recovering memories from a past life. Easing into things is essential in past life regression because the task of recovering memories from a past life can sometimes be challenging and mentally taxing especially if the client is dealing with some serious personal issues. Assure the client at all times that they are doing well and that the memories that they are seeking will come to them in vivid detail. Learn more at and

Sample Past Life Regression Script

Let the letters or the name of the country, the letters or the name of the country or place where you live come into your mind. Don’t question it. Don’t intellectualize. There are many countries and places. Let it come to your mind. There are even places that many people have never heard of, just sense the name or the letters. Let it happen. You should have the name now. Now, at the count of three let’s move forward through a very significant and important event in this lifetime you are exploring. An event that will happen in the future of this lifetime we are exploring. And as I count from one to three, time will pass. You will be growing older, a few years or many, many years. You’ll be going to a very significant experience or event. Your beautiful, luxurious, comfortable train and now you get back into the train and it slowly moves along the track, bringing you back, back to the present. You move faster and faster and past through the tunnel, dividing your past lives from your present life. And you now arrive safely and comfortably, and peacefully back at your present life. And you are so very relaxed. And you still have and will always have the memories of the past life you experienced. As you can see, an ending script can be expanded to accomplish a variety of effects or outcomes. It is up to you if you want to use all of these pointers to create your ending script. If you feel that a longer ending script will benefit your client, by all means, prepare a longer script.

The word regress really means “to go back to a previous point”. So if we apply this concept to a person’s life, regression really means “reviewing” something that has already passed. They saw no harm in regressing the boy and what they discovered shocked everyone. The boy appears to be reborn from a noble family in the same area.

You will be able to answer intelligently and you will be able to discover the hidden lessons that you have been seeking since the beginning. It might take a few sessions but all your hard work will pay off and you are going to get better with the succeeding hypnosis sessions. Learn more at

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